The Farmax DRP Perfect is a middle class digging machine, ideal for horticulture, tree nurseries and agriculture on lighter soils.

This digging machine is available in different working widths and can be easily fitted with a hydraulically adjustable roller, cutter, ring roller, tube roller or packer roller. Regardless of the soil type, with the DRP Perfect you are assured of an optimal seed or planting bed!

Digging and sowing in one pass

The DRP Perfect can be combined with a seed drill, which means that you can perform all necessary operations in one pass. The seed drill can easily be connected via a few fixed pick-up points, but you can also opt for a surface-mounted lift so that you can bring the seed drill closer to the tractor. Fuel is saved thanks to these combination options.

Agile and easy to maintain

The digging machine has been developed in such a way that maintenance can take place very easily. In addition, inspection hatches have been made in the chain guard so that you can easily monitor the condition of the chain drive. Thanks to the compact design of the DRP Perfect, the center of gravity of the machine is close to your tractor. The PE shielding prevents the machine from filling up. Structural damage, such as a plow sole or compaction of the substrate, are a thing of the past thanks to the digging machine. All this ensures that the crop yield increases by 10-20%.

Main shaft drive (rotor): Drive box with differential
Capacity: Under optimum conditions up to 1.2 hectares per hour.
PTO speed: 540 rpm
Tractor power: 80 to 120 hp


  • Easy to combine with other machines
  • High capacity
  • Compact, highly maintenance and user-friendly design
  • PE shielding that prevents flooding
  • Suitable for multiple types of soil from sand to light clay
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