Farmax aerators are specially made to aerate (sports) fields with a hard turf or densities in the deeper soil layers.

The specially designed blades cut up to 40 cm. deep and are positioned in such a way that the soil is shaken loose sideways. The blades are fitted with sliding shoes on both sides, which prevent the grass cover from being damaged or pulled loose. Low maintenance, great ease of use Farmax aerators work with a fixed knife system. So there are few rotating parts and that makes the Farmax aerators low maintenance and very user-friendly.

Quality of every turf guaranteed

Treatment with a Farmax aerator ensures that the root system can develop optimally. This way you bring the grass in top condition and you ensure a high-quality turf.

Types: DRP-B, LRP-B

Drive: the drive boxes are equipped with a differential.

Type DRP-B

The Farmax DRP-B is driven with a speed of 540 rpm.

Type LRP-B

The LRP-B is specially designed for the heavier work. This machine is driven with a PTO-speed of 1000 rpm.


  • Better aeration for deeper soil layers and hard turf
  • Specially designed blades ensure that the soil is shaken sideways
  • Slippers prevent the turf from being damaged or pulled loose
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