For the really heavy digging work: Farmax KRG. The KRG is the toughest digging machine from Farmax, specially designed for depths up to 120 cm.

Thanks to the special pointed blades, the KRG ensures an even bottom structure. The Farmax KRG has working widths of 250 cm. and 280 cm. and is equipped as standard with two adjustable depth slippers.

Multifunctional tire pressure roller

The KRG is supplied as standard with a tire pressure roller consisting of four tires. This tire pressure roller ensures that the soil is pressed well after digging. In this way the soil water management is restored and excess rainwater can be drained quickly. This prevents the soil from drying out.

The machine can be transported easily thanks to the tire pressure roller. The tractor is less loaded on the road and on land. In addition, the role ensures that the machine continues to work exactly at one working depth. The KRG is the only type of towed digging machine.

Main shaft drive (rotor): double sprocket transmission in an oil bath, driven by a heavy duty gearbox with differential.
Capacity: Under optimum conditions up to a maximum of 0.3 hectare per hour.
PTO speed: 1000 rpm.


  • Ground preparation up to 120 cm. deep
  • Smooth bottom structure thanks to the special pointed blades
  • Very maintenance and user friendly
  • Tire pressure roller ensures constant digging depth, better soil water management and easy transport
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