The Farmax Rapide Trailed is a pulled digging machine with a working width of no less than 4.5 meters.

This digging machine is specially designed for the Australian, Canadian and American market. The Rapide Trailed stands its ground with a beautiful spit result and exceptional capacity. The Rapide Trailed processes smooth and trouble-free heavy sand and clay soils with a maximum working depth of 40 cm.

Constant digging depth, optimum soil water management

The Rapide Trailed is equipped as standard with a two-row tire pressure roller with eight tires. This tire pressure roller guarantees a constant digging depth and ensures that the soil is pressed well after digging. Moreover, the soil water management is optimally restored.

Super fast and extra agile

With a maximum driving speed of 8 km / hour, the Rapide Trailed is a real quick splitter. The powertrain is designed so that the rotor can continue to rotate easily even when the machine is behind the tractor at a large angle.

Total weight: 7,500 kg
Drive: gearbox equipped with differential, additional weighted driveline
Capacity: up to 3.4 hectares per hour
PTO speed: 1,000 rpm
Tractor power: 200 to 300 hp


  • Extra high capacity thanks to very large working width
  • Very maintenance and user friendly
  • Process trouble-free heavy sand and clay soils
  • Specially designed tire pressure roller restores soil water management and guarantees a constant spit depth
  • Travel speeds up to 8 km / hour
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