Optimal plant beds with the Farmax SRP digging machine. The Farmax SRP digging machine is specially designed for use in vegetable growing, fruit growing and tree nurseries.

The smaller models are suitable for use in greenhouses and viticulture. Due to the robust design, the SRP requires little maintenance.

Beautiful spit result

The Farmax SRP tills the soil in such a way that plow soles and disruptive layers are completely broken out and mixed with the building front. This ensures an optimal soil structure and increases the crop yield.

Egrol optional

The machine is available with a driven rolling pin. This egrol presses the soil firmly, resulting in a beautiful crumbled sowing or planting bed.

Main shaft drive (rotor): sprocket transmission on both sides of the machine. These are driven by the gearbox with differential.
PTO speed: 540 rpm
Tractor power: 30 to 60 hp


  • Robust and robust design, low maintenance
  • Extra crop yield
  • No plows
  • Improvement soil structure
  • Very manoeuvrable, low power requirement
  • Even seed or plant bed in one pass
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